Yoga for Tired Legs ♥| Stretching for Legs

Sometimes we push our bodies too much, we don’t take enough time to find what feels good, to stretch and soothe and to relax. Today’s practice is for tired legs.
This is a 25 minute Yoga Stretching for tired legs. It is perfect for your energy level is low, your muscles are sore after some physical activities or after a long walk. You can also use this video after any workout to lengthen your muscles of your legs, because stretching the muscles after strengthening exercises is so important.
Yoga For Tired Legs is one to put in your regular routine, because this practice is good for so many circumstances like for post hiking, post running, post walking or workout. Wonderful even after a along day on your feet. Today’s yoga is also therapeutic for lower back and for the feet.
Working with conscious breath, this sequence perfect for all level yogis, so if you’re ready grab your mat and join me.
Wholesome Boho Life ♥


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