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Welcome to our new yoga class! This 30 minute yoga is a special sequence for surfers. I was inspired to design and film this yoga class for surfers because we were guests of such an incredible hotel last month when we were in Bali. The place is called The Chillhouse and this is definitely not a regular hotel, it is a magical tropical lifestyle retreat that offers stylish accommodation and delicious organic meals, along with yoga sessions, surfing, body and soul treatments, and a wide range of cultural and healing activities. Please make sure to check it if you consider visiting Bali. Our stay at The Chillhouse Canggu was unforgettable and we strongly recommend it!!!

One year ago I was so lucky to find myself in Canggu, Bali and I tried surfing for a first time in my life. And it was incredibly hard! It took a lot of strenght to paddle and lot of balance ability to flow with the waves for about 2 hours. My teacher said I did great, I catched 3 waves and they were about 2 meters high (hehe) but I think I owe this to my everyday yoga practice.  Because yoga makes you strong, yoga clears your mind and helps you focus on your goals. Practicing yoga takes care of your muscles and joints so you can do almost everything if you practice regularly.

This yoga flow is designed to help you strengthen the muscles you need to utilize while surfing while also giving them a chance to stretch and be supported by other areas of the body so they don’t become overused. By doing lot of back strengtheners, core abdominal work, balancing poses and chest and shoulders opening this yoga practice is perfect for all levels yogis and surfers. You can repeat this class 2-3 times a week to strenghten your muscles and stretch your upper body so you’ll be in your best shape when you get back on the board.

This practice is perfect for you if you’re beginner in surfing and you want to prepare yourself before your first lesson. As it’s designet to help build strength and flexibility around surfing. It’s also perfect for the intermediate surfers to do in the morning before their surf session as it will help you improve your balancing skills or also in the evening after a long day spent riding waves. Of course you can also join this half hour vinyasa yoga class if you’re not into surfing at all, but anyway you want to strenghten your muscles, work on your flexibility and balancing skills or just to tone your body.

So if your’re ready grab your mat and join me on this amazing surfers yoga! ♥



Thank you so much The Chillhouse for having us at your incredible place! We miss it so much already!

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* We were guests at The Chillhouse but all opinions are our own!!!

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