Yoga for Stress Release | Go with the flow and Let go ♥

This 20 Minute Yoga class will stretch your back, neck, shoulders, harmstrings, glutes and open your heart and your hips, leaving you less stressed, and feeling relaxed.

This stress release yoga class is perfect for all levels. Work in each posture through focusing on the breath you will slowly start to feel tension melt away from you. This practice is perfect to start or end up your day. To take a deep breath, to slow everything down and just relax.

Now before we begin, I want to share with you some information about one of my favorite postures from this sequence with a therapeutic action, tell you about it’s benefits and why I love it so much.
The pose being prasarita padottanasana or wide-legged forward bend.


• opens the hip joints
• lengthens the hip flexor
• stretches the ties, glutes and piriformis muscle
• extends the groin and psoas
• stimulates the iternal organs
• increases hip flexibility

Pigeon Pose is a primal reaction to store stress, trauma, fear and anxiety in the hips. These bottled up feelings create tight hips. This posture opens the hips and releases negative feelings and undesirable energy stored in your system. That’s why I love it so much and you should give it a try!


• Begin in downward facing dog or in table top position.
• Bring your right knee between your hands, placing your right ankle near your left wrist. Extend your left leg behind you so your kneecap and the top of your foot rest on the floor.
• Press through your fingertips as you lift your torso away from your thigh. Lengthen the front of your body. Release your tailbone back toward your heels. Work on squaring your hips and the front side of your torso to the front of your mat.
• Draw down through your front-leg shin and balance your weight evenly between your right and left hips. Flex your front foot. Press down through the tops of all five toes of the back foot.
• Gaze downward softly.
• Hold for up to one minute. To release the pose, tuck your back toes, lift your back knee off the mat, and then press yourself back into Downward-Facing Dog. Repeat for the same amount of time on the other side.

Now let’s melt all that stress away, prepare yourself, take a deep breath and let’s begin!

Love and Light,



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