Wild Berry Vegan Chia Pudding

Hey lovelies! ♥ 

Last week I spent on a lovely trip in Egypt away from my kitchen and good internet service. We sailed Red Sea for 8 days on a lovely luxury yacht with other beautiful people that I’m so glad I met! We snorkeled for days, explored remote islands, searched for sharks, got sun burned, had sunset parties everyday on the yacht and enjoyed life in it’s fullest. 

2 weeks ago I prepared this gorgeous Wildberry Chia Pudding 🍨 and made a story on Instagram asking you if you wanted me to share the recipe with you and the answer was YES! 🙌🏼

Even the fact the service was gone for more than 24 hours because I was on a yacht in the middle of The Red Sea 🌊 in Egypt, didn’t stop me from sharing this delicious chia pudding recipe 📝 on my Instagram page with you guys as soon as the mobile service was already back.

That’s why I managed to share it with you on my Instagram first, because it was easier for me to do it there while I was travelling, so if you don’t follow me already, please make sure to do it, here’s my profile. And stay updated with everything that happens to me every day – from travel and wanderlust, trough new yoga videos, tutorials and new healthy recipes.

This delicious goodnes here is so easy and quick to prepare! It’s super nutritious, tasty and will give you the power you need to start your day in the most healthilicious way! So if you’re all in, let’s do it! Here’s the recipe!


Total: 15 mins Makes: 2 servings Method: No cook

This is a very delicious chia pudding with wild berries that will make you start your day with a smile and you will get all those vitamins your body needs to have the energy at least for the first part of your day! It’s super easy and quick to prepare, so let’s do it! 


• 10 tbsp chia
• 1 banana
• 400ml almond milk
• 1 vanilla
• 1 cup frozen blackberries
• 1 cup frozen raspberries
• tbsp agave syrup


Blend the banana with 300ml of the almond milk, vanilla and agave syrup. Then spread it into 2 jars and add in 5 tbsp chia in each jar. Leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours or even better – for a night.
Right before serving blend the raspberries and blueberries with the rest of the almond milk and then split it into both jars by spreading it carefully on top of the chia pudding.
Add your favorite toppings and enjoy it! ♥


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