The Best Travel Insurance for Backpacking Southeast Asia

Traveling is one of the best things in the world and sure is “the only thing you buy that makes you richer”! It also might seem like an easy game to many, but unfortunately a lot can go wrong and you can’t imagine how bad can it get. Most of you who are following along my journey know that me and my love booked a one way ticket to Sri Lanka earlier this year and started our most exciting and long journey through Southeast Asia in April. But as we’ve had some pretty difficult experiences even that we are travelling for 3 months now, I have decided to write an article on travel insurance and clarify some points that I think are important.


We have been doing short trips to Europe before and even for 10 days vacay we always made sure to leave with a good travel insurance that we’ve bought from our country Bulgaria. So when we started planning our longest and most exciting travel adventure this year, the first thing we thought of was to buy a good international travel insurance! We knew that we wanted it to be a flexible one, so we can afford it and pay a month for month subscription, not a whole year subscription, as we didn’t know for how long our journey will last and we wanted to find the most budget friendly option! So when we found out about SafetyWing we were more than satisfied with their 4 weeks payment option and didn’t take us more than a day to decide and buy it! I know that for many people a travel medical insurance is not the first thing they think of when planning a trip at all, but when things go wrong, you just think “if only I had insurance”. This is why I want to share the importance of having a travel medical insurance with you when you travel, especially if you are a backpacker like us and want to travel for longer than a week.


We were already travelling for a month and a half and one day when we were watching the beautiful sunset from the famous surfer’s paradise beach Cloud 9 in Siargao Island, Philippines I suddenly got bitten by something. It didn’t hurt that much, wasn’t looking like a mosquito bite or anything like that. Even the fact that we were in the water, but only to that level where the water reached only my hips and my hands were out of the water all the time, it felt really like a sting from a jellyfish. We didn’t make a big deal of it and after the sunset we hopped on our motorbike and got back home. On the next day I saw that this part of my skin didn’t look any better, but worse. I decided to wait for few days and see what will happen. So in the next 2 days it was getting worse and worse and when we finally started of thinking that this could be some poison insect, that we haven’t even heard of, we decided to go see a doctor. This was the moment when we first thought “thank god that we have a good and reliable insurance!”. The doctor said that my skin got infected because of the salty air and all the dust that went on it while riding the scooter around the island. He cleaned the wound and gave me an antibiotic lotion to apply everyday for 10 days. Thank god it wasn’t something more serious, but then we had another case on another island that was even more scary!!! We went for a dinner the night before the day we wanted to go chasing waterfalls and the staff was super friendly offering us free drinks as a happy hour or something like that. We decided to accept their offer and for a first time since years I had a cola with ice and Zhivko had few of them too! It was such a hot day so we felt really great to allow ourselves this for just once. Unfortunately on the other day Zhivko woke up with stomach pain and we realized that he had some food/drink poisoning probably from the ice that they used, because it might have been made of tap water. He felt a discomfort the whole day, thank god we had some medicaments with us and were able to react immediately. So when we went to the waterfalls anyways, Zhivko was still feeling a little dizzy and we walked on a bent wall, surrounding the waterfall to take a beautiful pticture, it was super slippery and wet and Zhivko suddenly slipped and almost felt down, but thank god he grabbed my shoulder and balanced on it. “I was ready to let go of you and fall down alone instead to let us fall together” he said. All my world turned with the head down and my heart was skipping at this moment. I was thanking God that nothing happened and we were both safe and ok after all of this.

Those were few situations that made us realize that only when we travel, we understand that we are exposed to more risks! And we also learn to give more value not only to our health but to all the personal items and material we have with us, as the backpacks we carry become our only home.


Travel insurance is not only for cases of illness, it can also be used for a loss or damage of luggage, civil liability claims and my favorite: your travel insurance can actually cover expenses due to delays or cancellations of flights – something that seems to happen when less expected!

Traveling with insurance also gives you more confidence and security, which brings more freedom, as you know that if something happens, they got you covered. But that doesn’t help with every company, as sometimes companies don’t give you all the details or things are not clear. So I compared several insurances, did many simulations and finally chose the best company that also offers the best deals for our backpacking adventure trough Southeast Asia (that we didn’t know for how long will last) and this is –
SafetyWing .


SafetyWing was one of those great rare discoveries and that’s why I find it important to share all information with my community of travelers here. Choosing the right insurance is one of the most difficult processes in travel planning especially if you’re looking for a good service but without paying too much money! So, of all the advantages that a medical travel insurance company can have (and SafetyWing surely has them all), my favorites are:

• Extremely flexible: it works like a subscription, you can choose your start date and cancel any time. There is no cap on the duration of a trip and no need to know how long you’ll be travelling in advance. You can set up monthly auto-renewal payments to avoid having your coverage expire and forgetting to renew in time

• Affordable! Travel medical coverage starts from $37/4 weeks

• Offers worldwide coverage as well as limited home country coverage (up to 30 days every 3 months);

• Always available, offering 24/7 support when a person is in need. Also comes with a network of medical partners

With all that said SafetyWing is the best option for backpackers and budget travellers, no matter if the journey will continue only few weeks, months or a year.

So if you’re still looking for the best insurance for your next trip or even still wandering if you should get one, please don’t think too much anymore, just click that link and start your subscription whenever you go traveling in order to make sure that you have done the best for your safety and health while on the road enjoy your travels with no worries anymore!

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