Yoga for Tired Legs ♥| Stretching for Legs Sometimes we push our bodies too much, we don't take enough time to find what feels good, to stretch and soothe and to relax. Today's practice is for tired legs. This is a 25 minute Yoga Stretching for tired legs. It is perfect for your energy level is low, your muscles are sore after [...]

Yoga for Focus & Productivity ♥ 10-minute easy yoga practice This is a 10-minute Yoga Class to help you focus, reconnect and reboot. It's perfect to start the day with as it will give you a nice energy boost or just to take a short break during your day to focus your mind and get grounded in your body. This yoga sequence is perfect [...]

Yoga Stretch ♥ | 20 Minute Full Body Stretching for Sore Muscles and Flexibility ♥ Hey guys! ♥ Welcome to our new Yoga Practice for stretching the hole body and gain more flexibility. Before I start to explain what are the benefits of today's sequence let me introduce you Pi Yoga Pants. Did you noticed my pants? Really, I'm in love with them. They're perfect for all kinds of yoga and [...]

Yoga Workout for Abs & Core ♥ Tone your Waistline | Tsarevo ♥ Hey Wholesome Boho Friends! ♥ New Video is in the house! ♥ This yoga workout flow is perfect to start or end up your day. It's focusing on the waistline and core and I promise you'll get that abs if you do it regularly and eat clean. Drinking minimum 2 l a day water [...]

Yoga For Booty & Legs ♥ Best Butt Exercises For Results | Sunset In The Mountains ♥ Yuppie, wholesome boho guys! Our new video is here! Are you ready to get that booty you always dreamed of? This 30-minute yoga class focuses on building a booty, strengthening the legs, but also works your core, arms, and shoulders while giving you an amazing stretch. It will help you build happy lean muscles [...]

Easy Yoga For Stress Relief ☀ Relax & Let Go | Lozenec Hey, wholesome boho guys! It's here! Our easy 20 minutes stress relief yoga video. This yoga class is perfect for all levels. It will help you learn how to relax, let go and also find more flexibility. It's a great practice for end up the day when you're feeling tired or stressed out. Focusing [...]