Let me tell you a story about a place that is a hidden gem in the deepest parts of the jungle in the South Province of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by a beautiful salty lake called Koggala Lake, that place is reachable only by tuk-tuk or taxi, following a small off road trough cinnamon and green tea plantations.

After driving for a while you reach that stunning place called Tri Lanka and after entering the property you just don’t want to leave anymore and stay forever.

With its remote location and green scenery, surrounded by a peaceful lake and a wild jungle, this slice of paradise makes for the perfect escape for everyone who’s looking for a quiet luxury oasis to escape the reality for a while, cleanse their mind, reconnect, find peace and just relax.

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We were traveling hectic for almost a month trough the country, exploring many different sides and already needed some time off somewhere remote, where we can recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect, before we have to head to our next adventure. And Tri Lanka was the perfect place to do that. We spent the last 3 days from our experience in Sri Lanka there, and that was the most incredible way to say goodbye to this Wonderland.

Arriving at Tri Lanka Hotel in Koggala Lake

We arrived at Tri after a short off road ride from the main road sweaty, dirty and tired, wearing our  backpacks  and probably not looking like our best, but we quickly forgot about this all and started to feel at home immediately after the warm welcome from the staff and the manager of the hotel Oli, who talked about this property with such passion and great love, that made us fall in love with it before we even entered our villa. Shorty upon arrival, we received a cold glass with delicious detoxifying green tea and the first thing that made us a great impression was the bamboo straw in the glass. Yes, that heaven on Earth is one of a kind luxury and remote getaway, but also a very sustainable one and because of that fact this place really stole our hearts, but we will talk about this later in more details.


With private lake view villas on the edge of Lake Koggala, deep embedded in a wild nature environment, with green rooftops, solar arrays, gardens and fully built in a harmonious way, using local and sustainable materials, the property is a real slice of heaven that looks like one with Mother Nature. You can choose between the luxury one of the kind villas with private pools or private lake views or for a better view over the property, the Water Tower is the place to be and enjoy a refreshing drink while waiting for the magical warm tones in the sky that show up during sunset. There is also a spectacular infinity pool with an emblematic palm tree in front, which is definitely one of the highlights and you should not miss a sunrise or sunset from there. But of course we recommend both!

We were accommodated in the most incredible private villa, that we had for 2 nights and we fell in love with it from a first sight. As soon as we entered we didn’t want to leave and spend these 3 days going anywhere else. We had our own private pool, overlooking the peaceful lake, from where we enjoyed the beautiful sounds of the many species of bird who live in that area with a papaya fresh juice in hand for hours.

We also spent a lot of  time inside our huge villa working, but that was really the best work enviorement ever, because we had 2 terasses and huge windows everywhere, showing us the green scenery around us. There is no TV in the room, because there is such a great view to the wild from your bed to entertain you instead.

We had a huge bathroom with 2 showers and a bath hub and all the complimentary cosmetics were absolutely organic, locally made and safe for the enviorement. This hotel doesn’t use any type of plastic at, no plastic bags for the trash, no plastic bottles as they used only glass bottles for the water which was filtered tap water, safe to drink and you can refill at any time. Also even the complimentary delicious local snacks that we received everyday was served in glass jars. We just loved all of that! This hotel is really doing a lot and cares for our future and the enviorement.


The food at Hotel Tri was one of the best things for us. Focusing on the balance between body, mind and soul and providing authentic experiences, their organic cuisine, with carefully prepared daily menus that suits all types of diets, is one of the most prestigious in the country.

We were asked at the check in if we have any dietary restrictions in order to be able to provide us with a special choice, which was really amazing. We were absolutely surprised by the 5 star gourmet experience at Tri Lanka and our bellies were always full, because of the 7 course vegan menu that was consisting of small, but very fulfilling dishes, such an absolute fine dining experience! The breakfast was so good, we can’t even describe how much we loved the granola, topped with vegan coconut ice-cream and fresh tropical fruits! The dinner was consisting of local curries, salads and incredibly delicious vegan chocolate cake. Each dish was such a masterpiece!


At Tri Lanka property there is also a cozy library and a beautiful yoga studio nestled in bamboo, and designed to blend in. The comfy sofas placed in the library are inviting you to stay and spend hours cuddling up to a good book. For those looking to continue their relaxation journey, Hotel Tri also offers a spa with treatments and weekly yoga classes in addition. For the active types there is an opportunity to hop on an exercise bike, follow a ‘holistic parkour circuit’ around the lake, accompanied by a personal trainer. We choose to visit a yoga class in the morning and had such a lovely and relaxing time, surrounded by the bamboo under the sounds of the rain. It was absolutely magical experience that allows you to breath in the fresh air and exhale everything that’s bothering you and you don’t need.

After breakfast we were took on a lake boat trip, where we could see the immensity of Koggala lake, and how marvelous the surrounding natural landscape is, while enjoying a refreshing king coconut along the way. We had the honor to me accompanied by Oli, the manager of Tri and he told us so many interesting facts about the lake, the developing of tourism there, the flora and fauna of the region. We were surprised to find out that there are even few islands on Koggala Lake include the descriptively named Spice, Cinnamon and Bird islands. There is even a tiny Temple Island where visitors can witness monks paying their respects to the shrine.

We were also able to see and enjoy the view to our own villa at Tri Lanka from the lake. It was such a lovely experience, that we can’t recommend you enough to do!


Hotel Tri is the most sustainable hotel in Sri Lanka. From offering an ultimate sustainable and eco-friendly luxury design to the most heart-warming organic cuisine on site it will sure make anyone experience and trust the power of natural healing and a sustainable green lifestyle.

The hotel’s philosophy inspires to a conscious minimal consumerism and promotion of green choices. Each villa has its own living green rooftop, where beach purslane, water grass, native creepers and dwarf bamboo were planted to methodically minimize erosion. The doors, windows and flooring are entirely made from recycled jack wood and the details on the exterior are well ornamented with cinnamon sticks to provide temperature regulation and also to blend buildings into the land.

Tri Lanka is also a plastic-free hotel, where glass water bottles are provided at your room with free refills, toiletries are only available in refillable containers and plastic straws were fully replaced by their own bamboo crafted ones.

But that’s not all. Tri is committed to reduce its carbon footprint annually and promote sustainable practices, which includes the thorough monitoring electricity and water consumption, the use of solar panels and arrays to power the facilities and LED lightning in order to limit the disturbance to the living fauna and flora. We were absolutely stoke to find out all of this and this hotel will stay our absolutely top choice to recommend and stay in Sri Lanka!


You should definitely come and see. Feel the magical relaxing atmosphere here. Just breath the fresh air in, exhale the negativity, relax and enjoy this sustainable luxury hospitality, come back to your roots and be one with the nature again.

Watch the room tour of our private lake villa with a private pool

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Special thanks to Hotel Tri for hosting us during this stay. As always, all opinions expressed are entirely our own and we only ever recommend brands and properties that we personally love and believe this community would love too!



  1. November 1, 2019 / 3:59 pm

    Beautiful post Anna! Loved the pictures so much, they look stunning and great quality! Looks like a beautiful hotel stay

    • November 4, 2019 / 7:56 pm

      Aww, thank you so much for your support, beautiful! It was such a lovely stay here at Tri Lanka! We really look forward to going back there soon!

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