Imagine being in the middle of nature far away from everything, surrounded by the jungle and wildlife. In a place where time has stopped and you don’t have to rush for anything. The only thing you need to do is relax, rest, rejuvenate and focus on you and your well being.

You’re in the deepest parts of the jungle, yet spoiled with comforts and hospitality. Enjoying the daily spa treatments, listening to the songs of hundreds of birds. After a morning meditation followed by a peaceful yoga class, jump right into the refreshing swimming pool, watching distant monkeys swing from vine to vine. Trust the healing benefits of the traditional ayurvedic Sri Lankan dishes, prepared daily with organic ingredients.

Now open your eyes and welcome to Mahagedara Wellness Retreat, a luxurious getaway in the middle of the Sri Lankan jungle.

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Mahagedara Wellness Retreat is close to the town of Sigiriya, close to the famous Sigiriya Rock. It’s surrounded by the wilderness and a few neighboring tiny villages.

Mahagedara means the home that you grew up in. It’s a place where you are always welcome to stay and return.

Mahagedara Wellness Retreat is a culmination of a long awaited dream and vision of holistic living that founder, Lakmali, wanted to share with like minded guests.

It has been her lifelong aspiration to set up a school for girls and to enable them to fulfill their dreams. This is why 10% of all profit at the Wellness Retreat, goes to the beginnings of this school.  Mahagedara’s core value is to positively impact the guests, staff, ecosystem, environment and community.

Sustainability & Eco Travel

Mahagedara Wellness Retreat is kind to the environment. The food grows in the gardens on site. Chemicals aren’t used at all. The buildings were constructed around the trees in the forest, and nothing was cut down. The staff is formed by local villagers – women and men, paid a fair and equal wage.

At Mahagedara, the idea is to ensure the preservation and protection of our surrounding natural habitat. The major portion of the land is left untouched to ensure a low environmental impact.


When booking your stay at Mahagedara Wellness Retreat, there are several choices of huts and rooms. Some of the huts include: paddy huts (huts near the rice paddy with a private garden, air conditioning, but only an outdoor shower) and jungle huts (farther into nature, air conditioning, most have indoor showers). There’s also the Mahagedara Room, attached to the main building. It’s decked out with antique furniture, and includes both air conditioning and an indoor shower. You won’t have to wander far as the Mahagedara Room is right beside the swimming pool, the communal room to hang out, and the dining area.

We stayed at a jungle hut with an indoor shower, one double bed and of course, air conditioning since it can get very hot in Sri Lanka (especially in April when we were there – 35 degrees C). The windows and doors can all be opened up to really embrace the nature around you, however if you’re scared of bugs, you may want to keep them closed.

Book your stay at Mahagedara Wellness Retreat here. Oh, and I got you a $15 discount at if you book via this link . You’re welcome! 

We were provided with our own flashlight to find our way in the dark. It gets incredibly dark at night, as the only lights come from the buildings themselves. As we were staying in the middle of the jungle, we were advised to watch our steps for snakes, scorpions and other creatures. Yes, it is that wild! We saw mostly squirrels and a varan once, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Other animals living in the jungle like monkeys, peacocks, lizards and many different birds will make their way through the grounds of Mahagedara Retreat. Wild elephants are also crossing the road leading to the property daily, this is why it’s not advised to go out early in the morning and after 6 in the evening, because usually this is the time they do it. If elephants travel through the wellness property, it’s advised that you stay indoors and wait till they pass and you’ll be fine.


At Mahagedara Wellness Retreat, healthy food is the focus. Our meals were prepared in a traditional Sri Lankan style. If you have a food allergy, dietary restriction, or dietary preference, Mahagedara Retreat will work with you. We requested only vegetarian meals so none of our meals contained animal products. We ate meals three times daily – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tea and coffee were available upon request.

The restaurant was an open air space with several wooden tables and chairs, crafted out of tree stumps. The food was served in a very authentic way. Several clay pots filled with various meals were spread across the table, and we helped ourselves.

As for the meals themselves, we were served a variety of curries, generally prepared with potatoes and vegetables. For breakfast we had traditional roti, toasts with jam and fruits. The food here was really delicious.


At Mahagedara Wellness Retreat you can choose from many different activities. You can relax at the property and enjoy plenty of SPA treatments and relaxing yoga and meditation sessions or go out and explore the surroundings with an excursion.

We enjoyed a morning meditation around a sacred tree with such a beautiful energy. It was really incredible and calming the mind.

The daily yoga practices were absolutely amazing and we really felt great after finishing class right before breakfast.

We also did a trip to the Pidurangala Rock for an unforgettable sunrise experience with a view to the famous Lion’s Rock.

Our stay at this place was definitely a one of a kind experience and we recommend you to not miss this place if you ever visit Sri Lanka and the Sigiriya area!

Book your stay at Mahagedara Wellness Retreat here. Oh, and I got you a $15 discount at if you book via this link . You’re welcome!

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Special thanks to Mahagedara Wellness Retreat for hosting us  during this stay. As always, all opinions expressed are entirely our own and we only ever recommend brands and properties that we personally love and believe this community would love too!


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