Staying at Le Pirate Boatel in Labuan Bajo | Flores Island

Exploring some more of Indonesia, especially Flores and Komodo Islands was a dream of mine since the first day we arrived in Bali 2 years ago, because I knew it there must be so much more to see and I was right.

Visiting Flores Island followed by exploring the Komodo Archipelago on a sail boat was a dream came true to me and I still can’t believe that we managed to do this. And those 5 days were the highlight of my year! What a magical experience it was and I totally recommend it!



So we had an idea what we want to see and do in Flores and Komodo Islands and we were looking to book a trip to sail the Komodo Archipelago. Then we found the best option ever so we couldn’t resist when we were still planing our second visit to Bali and we booked a 4 days sailing trip with Le Pirate Explorer /you can find out exactly where we went and what we did in my post about this trip here – coming soon/ . And we also booked 2 nights stay at an amazing place again with the same company (we had no other option because of our flights and trip hours). Keep reading to find out more about our experience staying at an exrtaordinary boatel – Le Pirate Boatel.

Then of course we had to figure out how we are going to make it to Labuan Bajo from Bali, which was so easy and super cheap. We booked our tickets with Nam Air and the ticket price was under 100 USD per person for a round trip. They are plenty of other airline options flying daily from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo and you can check them with which I always do when researching ticket prices.

Of course we’d heard about Le Pirate Beach Club from social medias and that it is a massively popular destination and can be found in Bali’s Nusa Ceningan, Gili Trawangan, as well as Labuan Bajo. Owned by a Frenchman, the brand offers an unique Le Pirate experience and we were 100% sure that it is exactly our kind of place. We were very excited to find out that few months before our arrival a new Le Pirate acommodation was found and it is something very unique and extraordinary – a boatel, floating in the middle of Flores Island’s sea. So exciting! How could we resist?



If you’re looking for a little haven all to yourself away from the hustle and of Labuan Bajo, which I recommend especially if you are not used to stay at not very developed places, then the Le Pirate Boatel is the perfect option for you. The boatel only has 10 cabins and it gets overcrowded very rare and there were times when we felt like the boat was booked private for us. Although when the cabins are all full, there would be around 20 passengers on board which isn’t a lot of people at all and I think it would be a great opportunity to get to know each other and make new friends to have fun with on the boat.

The interior and decor of the boat is unique and will appeal to any sail and ocean lover and traveller. The hallways are decorated with many colourful tiles with fun and uplifting messages on them like “Live smaller, travel lighter”, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, “Have Less, Do More” and others. So cool!

Our private room was super cozy and compact, we had a double bed, fan and also 2 styles of hammocks to choose from within our little space as well.
All of the rooms open right up to the ocean so you can literally jump out of bed into the water if you wish. The thing that I loved and impressed me the most was the glass bottle full of drinkable water that we were able to refill for free as often as we needed on the bar.

The Le Pirate Boatel is the perfect set up – fresh air, ocean views and a sunset/sunrise right from your bed. I wish all boat accommodation was like this!


They are many activities on board to keep you busy with paddle boards, canoeing, rock fishing, beach explorations, snorkelling & island exploration day tours. Snorkel gear is also included for all boatel guests which means taht you could literally jump straight out of our bedroom and snorkel in your ‘front-yard’. So fun, right?


The Boatel feature’s its own BBQ Restaurant, bar and sun deck in a pure Le Pirate style and there is a coctails happy hour every day. In the accommodation is included a buffet western style breakfast that was really impressive and delicious. You can delightfully fill our plates with a mix of scrambled eggs, pancakes, muesli and fresh fruit. But what we also loved very much was the fresh fruit waters. Yummy!


Getting from the town to the boatel is really easy. There is a free shuttle boat from the boatel to the town and back that runs pretty much each 2 hours from early in the morning till 10:00 pm in the night, which takes around 20 minutes in one direction. This could be tricky if you had booked a day trip with another company and need to be in town at a specific time so you have to carely research the shuttle hours and plan everything before booking. Also, if you’re planning to head into the town for dinner, the last shuttle back to the boat is at 10pm so you have to keep that in mind. Each shuttle organized ouside the regular hours is at charfe of 200.000 Rupiah, which is around 14 USD.

Our time on the Boatel was unforgettable and the staff was so kind and helpful! This place would be perfect to anyone looking to get away from the mainland and have a little slice of paradise all to yourself or just for everyone searching for an extraordinary Le Pirate experience!

Special thanks to Le Pirate Boatel for hosting us during this stay. As always, all opinions expressed are entirely our own and we only ever recommend brands and places that we personally love and believe our community would love too!

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