Floating in the Dead Sea has always been a dream of mine and earlier this year when I visited Jordan I got the chance to finally check off this amazing experience from my bucket list.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and is well known for its high salt percentage. Because of this fact is renowned for its health and beauty benefits. That’s why it was such a bliss to spend 1 relaxing and rejuvenating day at one of the best resorts I have ever been to – Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa.

With the direct access to the beach and the relaxing atmosphere this property offers, it was very easy to feel like I was on a SPA retreat and felt absolutely refreshed even after a 1 day stay. The Dead Sea has been one of my favorite destinations in Jordan and staying at Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa really made my whole experience very special and unforgettable. And I can’t recommend enough this place to anyone visiting the area looking to enjoy the benefits of the saltiest water at the lowest point on Earth.

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Floating in The Dead Sea is on your bucket list too and you search for the best place to experience all of its health and beauty benefits?

Here’s everything you’ll want to know about floating in The Dead Sea and staying at Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa

A few facts about the Dead Sea:

  • Many people associate this destination with Israel, when in fact, it lies directly on the border of Israel and Jordan – Jordan to the East and Israel to the West.
  • The Dead Sea is the lowest point of land on Earth at over 400 meters below sea level.
  • At about 35% salinity, while oceans only have 3,5%, the water is incredibly dense. So much so that you are able to effortlessly float on the surface of the water.

Arriving at Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa

I arrived at the Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa in the early afternoon and was mind blown by the incredible interior of the lobby, of course when I had a look at the whole property I was really amazed how perfectly everything is designed in a way that feels close to nature. The decor was very stylish and luxurious, but at the same time very natural with all the calming earth colors.

When I arrived at the reception I was nicely surprised to find out that I had been upgraded to one of the Executive Rooms. The day was already off to a great start!

The Dead Sea in Jordan is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the entire country. The Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa is perfectly located at the lowest point on earth set in the heart of the Jordan Valley and with direct access to the beach. One more reason to make it the perfect choice for your stay at the Dead Sea area. Also I was so blown away by my room and the view from my balcony to the sea that I was able to stay there and enjoy the complimentary local sweets and the strawberry daiquiri all day long!

Sustainable aspects:

A very important part of travelling and lifestyle for me is sustainability, so I want to share first this very amazing iniciative of the property which I’m really happy for! Considering the fact that the area is fairly arid and much of the sweet water comes from Wadi Mujib, I want to highlight the sustainable efforts of Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa : the company is reducing water usage by 50 percent, soaps are recycled, all plastic straws are banned and the amount spent on local and minority-owned businesses doubled as well as 70% of the staff comes from Jordan.

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Time To Float!

I quickly changed into my bikini and after a short break at one of the amazing infinity pools of the property I headed straight down to the sea for the sunset. The resort offers a stunning sunset view from its private beach, so I totally recommend you to not miss it.

Unfortunately I was a bit of unlucky with the weather and when I arrived at the beach just in time for the sunset show I found out that because of the bad weather (it was very windy that day) the beach is closing earlier and I was unable to enjoy my experience to the fullest, because I only had about 10-15 minutes time to float and enjoy the Dead Sea that day.

Anyway the sunset was absolutely spectacular and got the chance to get the “dream instagrammable shot” of me Floating In The Dead Sea While Reading a Newspaper. That moment was one of those moments that no matter how short it was, it was so special, that it felt like 1000 other just usual  moments.


There are a few guidelines you MUST follow when visiting the Dead Sea:

Do NOT shave for a few days before your swim. I waited around 4 days after I shaved before I floated in the Dead Sea. Shaving will most definitely ruin your trip and make contact with the salt water unbearable.

Be careful and do NOT get the water in your eyes! Many people wear goggles in for extra precaution. If you got even a tiny drop of water in your eye this could be very painful. Of course you can dip your hair into the water, but try to keep it away from your face in order to protect your eyes.

Where To Eat

The Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa offers a blend of local Middle Eastern and international dishes at their 7 restaurants and bars. Jordanian food is a nice and strong blend of classic oriental Middle Eastern flavors. Like everywhere in the region, the focus is on local and fresh ingredients.

The daily breakfast buffet that the hotel offers was very rich and there were plenty of choices such as hummus, baba ganush, local traditional breads, fresh fruits, oatmeals, vegetables as well as international and wholesome food options with a huge variety. Coffee, tea and fresh drinks were also served at breakfast.

I was really amazed by the rich and very satisfying breakfast served daily at Spectrum restaurant, but my words will barely describe the experience I had at the Lebanese restaurant 1312 were I enjoyed the most delicious gourmet dinner in Lebanese style.

1312 features a contemporary menu of Lebanese cuisine which made me fall in love with the Middle Eastern cuisine even more. The oriental atmosphere was very relaxing and this restaurant felt like the ultimate place to unwind while listening to the sounds of music and enjoying a range of Lebanese wines, flavored nargile and fashionable beverages at the Dead Sea. The food was absolutely amazing and the staff was very kind and helped me choose the best vegetarian options for my dinner. Everything was really great.

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Activities Around Dead Sea

Floating in The Dead Sea at the private beach of Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa is definitely one of the highlights. The beach is equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, and beach towels. There’s also a beach bar and the staff is always very kind and helpful, so you could stay there and enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea for as long as you want.

You can also take a taxi and drive to different points of the Dead Sea. You can stop and enjoy the views from the top or climb down to the sea and explore the salt formations.

Another great side that you can visit in the area of The Dead Sea is Wadi Mujib, which is accessable only by taxi from the resort area and it is about 40 minutes drive. Wadi Mujib is a spellbinding canyon that towers above the Mujib River which flows into the Dead Sea. You can trek through the water, beneath the towering canyons, and into the Dead Sea itself. The canyon itself is an impressive 4 kilometers wide and one kilometer tall. Unfortunately I didn’t visit this amazing place, because there is only one trail which is open during winter, when I was there, and I really wanted to get into the water, which was impossible at this time of the year and I also didn’t had much time to do it. So if you wish to get into the water you will need to visit between April and October and I would recommend staying at least 2-3 days in the are of The Dead Sea.

Anyway my experience at The Dead Sea was absolutely incredible and unique and I would love to go back someday soon to relax and enjoy the amazing health and skin benefits of that amazing sea.

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Special thanks to Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa for hosting me during this stay. As always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own and I only ever recommend brands and properties that I personally love and believe this community would love too!


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