We just absolutely love Bali for so many reasons and definitely felt the beautiful energy of this island of Gods during our stay. This full of blissful vibes island is unlike anywhere else we’ve been in the world, it is just so special. In Bali we met the kindest people ever, enjoyed the beautiful weather, the bright sun and the love that was all around! All that unique positive energy has stolen our hearts.

When we were planning our second visit to this beautiful island, we had an idea that we would love to visit Ubud and experience the Balinese culture, try local food, enjoy a SPA relaxation, surrounded by the Balinese jungle at some beautiful villa and just rest. So we started with our research for the best hotels and resorts in Ubud and we found a very special one!

This place is called Desa Visesa and it is unlike any hotel we’ve ever visited. This place is actually part of an authentic, functioning traditional village, surrounded by lush green organic rice paddies, and staying at this beautiful place allows you to experience the authentic Balinese life even as you enjoy all the comforts of a high end property. With that said, we cannot agree more, that this place was one of a kind!

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Here’s our experience staying at Desa VIsesa Ubud!


When we arrived at the lobby, we were immediately very impressed as it is designed in a traditional Balinese style and features local art throughout. The staff greeted us  with a welcome drink and welcomed us to the property by gifting us Tri Datu bracelets followed by a traditional Balinese blessing. That was something really special and we felt so good after that. The next thing that happened was, that we were explained the layout of the property and provided with a short tour on a chauffeured golf cart! This property was surrounded with rice paddy fields and they also have their own permaculture farm.

Finally we were ready to check into our room and when we opened the door we were nicely surprised to see our beautiful bath inside of the room, full of roses, waiting for us to take a dip!

Our room was perfectly fitting the build of what many travelers imagine when they think of traditional Balinese elegance. It utilize natural hardwoods and stone, and features sophisticated four-poster beds with white bedding and curtains and clean white floors. The unit came with flat-screen TV, coffee and tea making facilities, free Wi-Fi, safe, and air-conditioning.

The balcony offered a lovely view of the jungle and we had a small sofa and coffee table outside, so we can enjoy our coffee while listening to the beautiful wild sounds coming from the jungle. The bathroom was very elegant with separate glass showers, and vessel sinks. Toiletries and hairdryers were also provided.

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Permaculture Experience

Honoring past traditions, Desa Visesa Ubud features authentic Balinese experiences and discoveries through a collection of value packages and free activities. During your stay you can learn and develop awareness and knowledge of Balinese sustainable farming principles right from the doorstep of your villas and suites. Isn’t that incredible?

We attended one of the activities that was offered with our stay (along with many others culture activities) which is called “Permaculture Tour”. We were guided by a very kind man from the staff, strolling around checking out the grounds and learning about the permaculture program. He was telling us so many interesting facts. We learned about the agricultural ecosystems, and social design that seeks to integrate sustainability into daily life by working with nature instead of against it. Embracing this ancient concept, Desa Visesa opens its doors to welcome all guests to immerse in the resort’s fish ponds, gardens, and rice fields as well as to connect with the nurturing local community. The initiative pursues complete self-sufficiency on their organic farm. Workers tend to the farm, which also provides jobs for the community.

Besides universal permaculture methods, the Balinese traditional calendar that designates auspicious days for planting, ploughing, seeding and harvesting is strictly respected. From an introductory tour up to a six-day comprehensive program, Visesa is proud to invite its guests to develop awareness and knowledge of sustainable farming principles.

Farming values are supported with extensive permaculture gardening and rice fields traditional cultivation. Various fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are home grown to support the resort with fresh local produce. For Visesa Ubud, being eco-friendly is not an empty promise aiming at luring devoted guests, it’s a daily lifestyle at the core of a unique hospitality concept.

Our Permaculture tour was one of the highlights of our stay in this beautiful hotel. But there are also many other projects offered by Desa Visesa which allow you to experience the Balinese life in such a beautiful and interesting way, by participating in multiple programs that will teach you how locals take care for animals and work the land.

Food & Drink

We loved all about the food at the daily breakfast buffet that the hotel offers. There were various choices such as omelets, croissants, fresh fruits, vegetables, that are served alongside other international and wholesome options with a variety wide enough to please everyone.

The breakfast was very good, but we most enjoyed the lunch we had at one of the property’s four restaurants which was the organic restaurant called Warung Tani. This lovely place is all about authenticity of good recipes and quality home cooking that everyone can enjoy. We enjoyed the authentic Balinese Traditional Culinary under the bamboo deck, surrounded by the the beautiful lush green rice paddies. The food was tremendously delicious and innovative, fresh and organic flavours and plated with artistic perfection.

Unique Spa Experience and Meeting with a Balinese Healer

One of the best experiences we had enjoyed so much during our stay at this blissful place was a day at the SPA and a meeting with a Balinese Healer.

The property has 5 man-made cave rooms focusing on all five earth elements, where the spa treatments take place and incorporate medicinal herbs, plants, and spices. We had one of the best massages we have ever experienced in one of those caves, followed by a refreshing shower and then the most exciting thing happened.

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We had our meeting with the traditional Balinese healer who spent few minutes individually with each of us, by holding our hands and only by feeling how our chakras work with the help of his fingers gently placed by the inside of our hands, he was able to tell us which chakra doesn’t function right at the moment and is causing pain in different parts of our bodies. This was 100% true and he guessed where we felt pain at the moment then gave us advices how we should act and treat this problem. I receive the most precious advice about the pain in my lower back: “You keep do yoga and long walks under the sun.” This is so true and so important when you experience lower back pain and so much more helpful than the medicines your doctor will tell you to take. So this was definitely a magical experience that you will dream of doing while in Bali. If you have seen the movie “Eat. Pray. Love.” then you know what we mean!


Activities Around Ubud

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. This traditional country town is home to one of Bali’s royal families. The majestic palace can be found right in the centre of the city. Ubud is also well known as a flourishing crafts centre and there are hundreds of shops selling antiques, woodcarvings, crafts, textiles, paintings and jewellery. You’ll also find some of the best art museums in the country here. Along Ubud’s main street are dozens of art studios, an excellent local craft market and galleries.

Besides all the activities and culture experience that Ubud has to offer, they are plenty of beautiful waterfalls, rice terraces and temples in the area so you can do something different everyday and have the best time ever!

Desa Visesa offers daily shuttles that leave each half hour from the lobby and take guests into downtown Ubud for shopping and exploring. We highly recommend visiting the various markets in town where you can buy also beautiful hand made souvenirs.

Desa Visesa is definitely more than just a wellness resort! It is the complete full relaxation package, promising unforgettable stay while experiencing the authentic Balinese Culture!

↠ Check available dates and book your stay at Desa Visesa here.

Special thanks to Desa Visesa Ubud for hosting us during this stay. As always, opinions expressed are entirely our own and we only ever recommend brands and places that I personally love and believe our community would love too!

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