Nature Lover / 10 X Presets [For Mobile App & Desktop]


My Nature Lover preset pack is made up of 10 unique Lightroom presets, which add a vintage and colorful dreamy feel to photos with the click of a button as well as an EXTRA preset: Autumn Love. My presets work best with photos that are shot in the nature, in the mountains or in the park, including people, portrait photos, but are proven to work also very well with other kind of photos like indoor ones. Each of my presets has been developed over time to be versatile and easy to use. These are also the presets I use on my Instagram.

Note: These presets are compatible with both jpeg and RAW files, but for maximum and best results shoot in RAW.

Instructions: Once purchased, you will be redirected to a new window with a button to download the archived file with the presets. This botton will be active for 24 hours so make sure to download the preset pack within that time.

For more detailed information please see the description below.

If you have any further questions please see the Presets FAQ page.

Also, make sure to check out my tutorial where I show you how to use the presets!




My Nature Lover preset pack comes with both desktop and mobile app compatible files. This means that you can edit on-the-go or if you prefer to stick to mobile only you can check the mobile only compatiable pack and use the FREE Lightroom CC app to edit all of your photos with my Nature Lover collection.

1. Forest Escape / Perfect for forest photos as well as mountain photos.

2. Forest Escape Cozy / This Preset is perfect for forest photos if you love the warm tones as it gives a nice cozy touch to green colors by making them warmer.

3. Forest Escape Gold and Rose / Created with more romantic sences in the forest or somewhere else outside in the nature in mind this preset tones down greens and enhances floral colours by giving the photo a golden rose fairytale look.

4. Mother Nature’s Colors / Perfect for any kind of photos shot in the nature especially those taken under good lighting and expose the natural colors of our planet.

5. Mother Nature’s Warm Feelings / This preset adds a little bit of warmth to the greens and blues and is perfect for any photo taken in the nature.

6. Mother Nature’s Warm Feelings Green / If you’re looking for a more dreamy look this preset is perfect for your nature photos, especially those that are full of greens as it gives the photo a warm and calming green look.

7. Warm and Pink Kiss By Nature / This is one of the most dreamy and soft presets from the pack. It will make your photos looking like a pink fairytale. It works best with forest photos, but you can improvise and try it on any other type of photos.

8. Perfect Sunny Nature Greens / This preset is created with green scenes in mind especially when the weather is not so sunny as it gives it a sunnier look. If you’re looking for the perfect green colors – you already found them!

9. Nature Magic / Perfect for dreamers and nature lovers like me! I’m serious, this preset makes all kind of photos look like a fairytale.

10. Nature Lover Portrait / This preset works best and it’s created with portrait photos in mind, but also works great on other types of nature photography with or without people.

11. BONUS: Autumn Love / Created for autumn vibe photos. It is especially perfect for all the oranges and yellows of the most beautiful and golden season.

If you have any questions please see the Presets FAQ page.


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