Perfect Yoga for Everyone ♥ 20 Minute Rooftop Yoga

This 20 minute easy yoga class is for everyone. It is everything you need to get you feeling good, relaxed, and refreshed.
This practice is intended to stretch and relax your entire body. Moving through gentle postures, it’s perfect for anyone that is looking for a peaceful and relaxing way to end or start their day.
If you’re new to yoga and feel too intimidated by fast paced flow classes, this class is a great gateway to getting into that style without immediate intensity and intimidation as it’s focused on the fundamentals of yoga.
If any pose feels too much for you feel free to modify or skip anything that doesn’t feel right. Most importantly is that you feel good no matter where you are in your posture. Remember to breathe, let go, and simply stay present in each moment of this practice!
So if you’re ready, grab that mat, some water and let’s do this wonderful class together!
Wholesome Boho Life ♥


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