New-Year’s Resolutions ♥ To Do List ♥

Hello December, please be unforgettable! It is the last month of the year! And one of my favorites not only because of the festive mood all around the world, not only because of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There’s something magical that bring us together in the end of each year and also something really magical that’s awakening our inner desire for personal change and growth.
Can you believe that? The 2017 is almost gone, it passed away so fast. Like always. And it will be just like that every single time with every new year that’s coming. That’s the reason why we don’t have time to loose, we need to live our lives the best way we can. We need to let us be the best versions of ourselves we can imagine. We need do work hard to become better and better each day. And each new day is a chance for self evolution and personal growth. To be the change you want to see in the world. Yes!
With every new year starting, like many others, I love to write down a list of New Year’s To Do’s and Goals. The New Year is a great way to refocus, recenter, and ponder what’s important to you and what goals you want to set in place. It’s also important to not overdo your list or be too strict on yourself.
The Chinese Horoscope says that 2018 is gonna be the year of the Earth Dog. A year of social change and also a change to how we live our life. The predictions for the year are that we will see changes in our view on diet, smoking, drinking and junk food and I really hope that new laws will be brought in to let the people know the true dangers associated with eating and drinking, so this will be a year of change for the whole world and I hope to see many good things happening all around the world.
It is often said that the Dog is man’s best friend. The dog is a restless creature and will protect our well-being throughout the year. It embodies justice, never betrays us, and in the year it manages, we can calm down – everything will be clear and just. For me justice is so important, I think this is the most important thing I search and fight for in this life. So this predictions makes me so hopeful and filled with love.
The year of the yang earth Dog begins on 16th February 2018 and the word that will describe it best will  be ACTION. So with that said, let’s just set our goals for the next 12 months that are coming and let’s start working on achieving them. Let’s start with small steps on the long way to becoming a better versions of ourselves.
And that’s gonna be my 2018 motto. “Be the Best Version of Yourself“.
This can resonate a million different ways, choose how it motivates you! What can you do better than last year, last month, or even yesterday?
To wrap this all up, here are my 2018 goals to be the best version of ME ♥ and move into the new year with positivity:
1. Go on a spiritual travel journey that will be so therapeutic on mental level with my best friend. She’s on the same wave like so it’s a must do for both of us. ♥
2. Travel often to meet my mom, dad and sister. They’re all living in different cities right now because of their work. So I really need to find more time to spend with where they are. ♥
3. Write more post like this in my blog for wholesome and happy lifestyle. ♥
4. Work to release more healing yoga videos on my YouTube Channel focused on the spine, the neck and shoulders, the knees and other parts of our bodies that often need a cure. ♥
5. Continue to follow that wanderlust sense in my heart to do more of what brings me happiness like starting this blog to share the good things in this life with as many people as possible. ♥
6. Travel to a magical wonderful place. ♥
7. Read the books I bought that are now waiting for me in my night stand to find time for them. I love to read. This helps me so much in my life. ♥
8. Continue help others and share the good vibes. ♥
9. Find time for myself and go on my own journey where I will find the answers I’m searching for. ♥
10. Make a special yoga corner in my home. ♥
11. Hike at least 1 time a week. As I live near the mountain. ♥
12. Stop eating popcorn at night! Ha-ha we are all humans and everybody has their own sin. My sin is late night eating popcorn eating with my boyfriend. By the way they’re home made, no butter, no chemicals. My boyfriend make them in a pan with a little amount of vegetable oil and it’s almost healthy, but not for late snack. So with that said, let just say NO to popcorn! ♥
Now it’s your turn.
What are your 2018 goals?
Make a list, create an intention, and DO IT!
Yoga Stretching Wholesome Boho Life-18.jpg
We’re all humans, we all need to work hard to step into our new better way of living, with new habits. It’s not easy to find personal growth and self evolution, to become better and better each day. It’s a hard work, I know, but I also know that if you desire something from the bottom of your heart you’re going to achieve that. So keep the fire in your heart, be strong, keep working on yourself and you will succeed. I wish you a wonderful last month of the year and a great unbelievable start of the new 2018 that will awaken the most magical qualities in you and will continue this way trough each new month to the end of the year.
Love and light to you all! ♥


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