Made your own Almond Milk ♥

Are you vegan, healthy lifestyle person, lactose intolerant or you just enjoy almond milk more than the regular milk?
I personally prefer the almond milk, especially the home made one. It’s super easy, super delicious, super tasty and doesn’t take long time to be prepared.
You need only 2 ingredients to do it and optional for make it more tastier. So here’s the recipe, let’s do it:
• 1 cup raw almonds (soaked in water overnight)
• 4 cups water
• vanilla
• sweeteners like honey, sugar, agave syrup, or maple syrup, to taste
Place the almonds, the optional sweetener and vanilla, add in the water and blend until smooth. (If your blender is small, you should add first 1 cup water, then blend until smooth and adding one by one the following cups and blending after each on slow speed.)
After that use a cheesecloth to strain the liquid into a pouring container.
Refrigerate 1-2 hours or serve immediately
* With the almond meal (the rest of the almonds) you can prepare different healthy treats. I will write a new article for some of them very soon, so stay tuned. You won’t trow them or you don’t have to eat it, you can prepare something very special with the almond meal.
It’s done! Enjoy! ♥


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