Heaven Found in Nusa Penida, Bali ♥

Hello, beautiful souls! I’m back with a new travel guide for one of my favorite places in the world – Bali.

As I already mentioned in my last post about Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan Islands, this is our second visit to Bali and this time we decided to go beyond the well known Paradise Island and explore some more of the places that surround it.

We wantet to visit Nusa Penida Island when we were in Bali 2 years go, but unfortunately our money and time weren’t enough, because this trip wasn’t planned before so this year we decided Nusa Penida to be one of  the first things in our to do list when we arrive in Bali.  And that was the smartest decision ever.

First after arrival we spent 2 days travelling from the main land to Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan ( Here you can read about our 1 day itinerary ) and then to Nusa Penida. 

Watch our video from Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida Islands:


We took the public boat transport from the well known Yellow Bridge that’s connecting Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan Islands around 7 a.m. in the morning. It took around 30-40 minutes to arrive in Nusa Penida and the ticket price was cheaper than 5 USD.

Our arrival in that heavenly beautiful island was early in the morning arround 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. and we spent 3 days and 2 nights there, which was pretty enough to explore all the amazing places this island has to offer, but next time we are definitely staying for at least week. This island is our favorite island in the world, we loved it so much, it was so incredible that my words will hardly describe it! You should go and see with your own eyes!!!


The best way to explore the island is to rent a scooter, but the roads are very bumpy and dusty and full of holes, as the island is not fully developed and you have to be 100% sure in your riding skills and have at least 1 year experience scooter riding in Bali or similar place to make it work for Nusa Penida. This is not a joke, it’s really not for everyone. I am lucky enough that my boyfriend is such a good rider and we had no problem with this at all. There’s no traffic there, only few tourist cars, but it’s ok. We rented our scooter for about 4-5 $ a day and we explored the island by ourselves asking local people and using Google Maps offline. Everyone is so kind there, no one will let you get lost and it’s pretty easy to explore the island by yourself.


After checking in at the guest house and renting our scooter from the same place we decided to waist no time and go explore! By the way that place was really close to the harbour and it’s called Ari La Casa, you can check it here. We literally took of the boat and didn’t have to use a taxi to go to that place, because it was 5 minutes walking distance. We definitely recommend staying there. 


Of course you may saw this beautiful looking like TRX cliff and the gorgeous turqoize waters beach. This is what Nusa Penida is most famous for. And you have to see it. This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and the most incredible beach I’ve ever been to. 

We arrived around 10:00 – 10:30 am at that place and were stunned by the beauty of that view from up there. We heared about the opportunity to go down to the beach and desided to do it! We were prepared that it’s gonna be very hard and that we will have to walk down about 1 hour and then hike back up in the heat, but that didn’t stop us from experience this adventure! And so we did it and never regret it! It was amazing and unforgettable! 

The beach is like a Paradise on Earth. We spent around 1-2 hours down there and then climbed back up. I think we took the way back up for only 30 minutes, because it was much easier than the way down. But we are experienced hikers, so if you don’t workout and don’t go to the mountain it will be very tough for you. We did this in the beginning of May and it was very very hot. But it was worth it! We definitely want to go back!


Our second stop was Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong, which was about 45 minute ride from Kelingking Cliff, but we stopped here and there inbetween to admire stunning views because they’re everywhere in Nusa Penida and we took so many photos that it took us maybe between 1,5 – 2 hours to get there. The road all the way down to the arch was pretty rugged, and we strongly recommend you to be 100% sure in your skills before renting a scooter and going to explore by yourself, because the bumpy roads are full of holes, rocks, and ditches. You have to drive very slow and carefully. 

We finally arrived at Broken Beach around 3 p.m. and enjoyed it so much! We were very nicely surprised that Angel’s Billabong is right next on the right side of this beautiful place and we were so close!

So after admiring the view we followed the path by foot to the right of Broken Beach. From here you can also walk around over the top of the arch if you want to. As we walked along the dirt path towards Angel’s Billabong, the rock around us began to turn into a volcanic, sharp rock.

Then as we walked towards the pool, the emerald green water stood out so clearly among the dark rocks and blue water behind it. Unfortunately we were too late to enjoy the natural pools for ourselves as they whre so many tourists already and it was also too late for photos, because the water was covered by shade already, so we decided to leave and come back another day early in the morning.


Late afternoon around 4:30 pm we headed to Crystal Bay to watch the sunset. Crystal Bay is the name of a secluded cove with a 200-metre stretch of sand on the west coast of Nusa Penida Island. Besides its beautiful palm-fringed beach, the bay is best known as one of Nusa Penida’s famous snorkelling and dive sites. We chose not to dive or snorkel. Although it’s certainly a famous spot to get your gear on and go and explore the underwater world. 

Watching sunsets there is one of the best thing you can do there! If you’re lucky enough to get some colours, it will be one of your lasting memories on Nusa Penida! We had such an unforgettable time that day and we explored about a half of the island! And we couldn’t wait to see more!


On our second day we woke up early, got on our scooter and headed to explore the other half of the island. First stop was Atuh Beach. 

We drove through several villages and spotted many Balinese kids, chickens and dogs on the road. The poor bumpy full of holes road soon turned to a dirt hill so we were really conserend if we were in the right spot when, but then suddenly we spotted an amazing view through the branches. And we relaxed. We were on the right way!

Atuh Beach is a stunning white sand beach surrounded by huge cliffs and remarkable rock formations. An arch sits directly out from which makes it so special. Then we hiked back up in the heat – this was our way to stay fit during travel Nusa Penida – hiking different ways up from wild beaches everyday! 


After a short break in the jungle for a fresh coconut, we headed straight to the Instagram Famous “Tree Houses” and “Thousand Islands”. 

There are several amazing viewpoints that have had fences and structures added to them for the benefit of tourists. There are huge drop-offs here so the fences are to keep tourists safe! To get to the famouse Tree House called Romah Pohon you need to climb down the steep stairway for about 5-10 minutes and it is really close to the first viewpoint.

There was nobody inside but the door was locked. We took a few photos here and debated whether or not we would spend the night here. We were 100% sure that the sunrise will be incredible from the balcony of that lovely Tree House, but we both wouldn’t sleep there, as we are affraid of heights and this house was built on a tree over a hudge cliff dropdown and it was quite scary to stay there even only for the photos! Actually Zhivko didn’t even try to hike up there, he didn’t care about the photos at that time. Yep, it was only me…:D But anyway if you’re not affraid of heights you should definitely stay there for the experience! So if you’d love to, here’s a link where you can book your night there and have an unforgettable stay!

Once we reached the first viewpoint we were pretty amazed. The view is incredible! We could see a small little empty beach sitting at the bottom of the cliff. This was a Paradise on earth. Then we headed to the second viewpoint. It was so incredibly beautiful! Definitely a must see! 


Guess what we did after that! We went to another beach of course! Why not do our afternoon fitness program as the morning and noon hikes weren’t enough for us and we needed to burn more fat!

Haha, I’m joking, but this beach was really the longest way down and up. Anyway it was worth visiting! The water from above at the lookout point was blue beyond belief, and we couldn’t wait to get down the 342 steps to cool off. 

We arrived a little late around 4-5 p.m. and there was nobody there and the beach was already in shade also some monkeys started to arrive from the forest waiting to hear the noise of a food package. So I will recommend you to go there in the morning and leave arround that time we arrived. Also you should check about the tight, because when the tight is high it’s impossible to get to that Instagram famouse rock and lie on the beach getting tan. The hike back of those 342 steps was insane. But we loved the burn! Haha…


Our last stop for the day was the famous Teletubies Hill. We made it just for the sunset and it was beautiful. Another day, another great sunset in Nusa Penida. I think they’re many other hidden spots to watch the sun goes down from. 

Teletubbies Hill has very attractive landscape with a number of turfs since it becomes tourism destination in Nusa Penida Islands. The name Teletubbies’ Hills is given spontaneously by the visiting tourists, it is merely because of the similarity of its location with the residence of the Teletubbies in television show. This site is perfect for visitors looking for somewhere remote, natural and simple, away from urban life. Deep exploration can be done by following the pathway around the hill to sense the natural wonder. Walking around and touching or just contemplate the expanse of nature could conjure your mind.

Before called Teletubbies Hill, The local community of Nuda Penida used to call this hill with the name of Gamal tree hill because the plants that live in this hill are usually taken to feed their live stock. 
Teletubbies Hill is located in Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida Subdistrict, Bali. Located right on the border of Julingan Dusun’s with Sedehing Village, Sekartaji Village. It was around 40 minutes to 1 hour ride with the motorbike from our last stop Suwehan Beach, but the road to Teletubbies Hill is new and so good, so you can ride faster like 70 km/hour. Anyway if you’re not experienced in scooter riding don’t go fast.


On the 3th day since our arrival it was time to leave back to Uluwatu Bali, so we decided to wake up early and go back to Angel’s Billabong to enjoy bathing in the emerald green water only for ourselves and to get the perfect shots! So we did! It was really nice, we arrived around 9:30 am and tourists just started to arrive. I suggest you to go even earlier like 8:00 am to make sure there will be no one else. We couldn’t wait to walk down to the beautiful naturally formed infinity pools.

Walking on the sharp rocks barefoot can be pretty painful, so bringing sandals or water shoes would definitely help! We expected the bottom of the pool to be slimy, but the seaweed was actually pretty comfortable and made the bottom feel like soft carpet!

As tempted as we were to stand on the ledge to take the perfect photo, we were extra cautious and kept our distance from the front of the pool, as we could see how easily you could get pulled into the ocean by a rogue wave. And they were waves coming in 5 minutes or so, so we counted those minutes between the waves to go there.

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Nusa Penida was the highlight of our Bali trip – I can’t recommend enough getting off the mainland and exploring some of the untouched coastline of Nusa Penida. Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach are probably the most popular destinations for tours due to their close proximity to the ports, but you will still experience less crowds than any attraction on the mainland. Nusa Penida is a Paradise on Earth, we will definitely go back to hike some more cliffs and explore more beautiful beaches and spots.

We stayed at a nice guesthouse called Ari La Casa , but they’re also plenty of options depending on where exactly you would like to stay in Nusa Penida. The place where we stayed was at the best location in the middle between both sides of the island and also 5 minute walking distance from the harbour where you take off the boat when you arrive in Nusa Penida. So it was quite easy to explore both halfs of the island for 2 days, one half at a day. So here are some gorgeous places to stay with recommended location on a budget:


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