Guided Meditation For Stress & Anxiety Relief


This is a 15 minute guided meditation to help you let go of stress, anxiety and all of that negative energy that no longer serves you in a calm and loving way.
Its great for beginners but also to help reconnect to your practice. All you have to do is find a quiet space, possibly put on some headphones, and allow your mind to clear.
Do you often feel overwhelmed and in need of relief? Are you constantly stressed and feeling anxiety? Have you ever wanted to learn how to meditate because you know the benefits of meditation would be perfect for your stressful daily life?
Well this stress and anxiety relief meditation practice is exactly what you need and will help you. It will allow you to let go of any negative energy that’s bothering you, allow you to relax your mind, and even help you sleep better. Being grounded and finding a stillness in a chaotic modern day life is extremely important and valuable. A 15 minute meditation video will be perfect for you. Take this time for yourself, because you deserve it. Its great for beginners and anyone who is experienced in meditation to quietly sit and breathe in the present moment.
In meditation, one of the methods that helps anchor ourselves is focusing your mind on a specific mantra. The mantra becomes a wonderful tool to pull you back when your mind wanders and to allow your mind to explore the depths and emotions surrounding that idea at the same time. Mantra meditation reduces stress, calms the mind and increases inner peace. In this video you will be provided with a mantra or centering thought to carry through your meditation and into the rest of your day.

“I’m peaceful. I’m calm. I’m strong. And the best is yet to come.”

When you start your meditation practice its easy to not know what to expect or even to expect something from it like you might get from anything else you “do” in life. But meditation is not a “doing”, it is a “being”. It is a learning to find stillness and peace within the idea that the moment you are in, the moment you are experiencing right at that moment is enough.
We often have such busy days that we don’t take even 15 minutes to sit down and truly focus on our breath. We must find the peace within ourselves. Internally become aware of what is going on within. Just close your eyes and let go. Your soul needs it and your body craves it. The benefits of meditation are extremely powerful for your body.
The wonders and power of taking the time in your day to meditate have been proven both spiritually and medically. Guided meditation makes it that much easier too. Clearing and cleaning your mind of your day stressful and negative situations is one of the most valuable experiences we can award to ourselves. It takes nothing more than finding the time and simply paying attention.
If you’ve had a stressful day or are simply exhausted you need to include meditation and relaxation for your mind. Restore your mind, calm your senses, and allow yourself to arrive in peace with everything that has been bothering you. Allow yourself to let go into your own state of silence. Listen to the calm relaxing music and my voice, to then watch all stress, bad energy and anxiety melt into a perfectly balanced state of mind.
Relax, Calm Down and Let Go.
Wholesome Boho Life.


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