Guided Meditation for Self-Acceptance ♥

This is a 10 minute guided meditation that will help you start or end up your day in a calm and loving way. It is the perfect meditation for beginners, so don’t miss it and give it a try.
In meditation what helps anchor ourselves is focusing your mind on a specific mantra. Mantra meditation reduces stress, calms the mind and increases inner peace. It also helps when your mind starts to wander and pulls you back. In the same time the mantra meditation also allows your mind to explore the depths and emotions surrounding that idea. In this practice you’ll be provided with a mantra to carry through your meditation and also into the rest of your day.

My life is moving forward perfectly & I am the creator of my own destiny.

As a culture we are obsessed with self-improvement because of our media which is full of ads and images enticing us and pitching solutions – to lose weight, get organized, find love, make more money, eat “the right foods” and so much more.
The main problem is that self-improvement can root us in the thing that we’re trying to change. By focusing on wanting to improve it’s possible to get stuck in an addictive cycle where all we create is more “wanting”.
Isn’t it wrong to want more and more, to forget about the achievements that you’ve already gained and not to be grateful for having everything you need right now?
Today’s meditation is focused on practicing self-acceptance. We take a journey within, finding opportunities to love, honor and accept ourselves just as we are. It will help you visualize and appreciate the part of yourself you’re proud of.
There are so many great benefits to meditation once you truly learn to love the process and practice it daily. Through mediation you will slowly begin to achieve more patience in your every day life, how to appreciate the simple things, and how to spread more love and kindness into the world around you.
Now if you’re ready, find a quiet place where you can comfortable seat in cross legged position with hands on the knees, fingers kiss together in a mudra and begin do deepen your breath and follow along on this peaceful and stress releasing mediation.


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