Bircher Muesli ♥

Hey guys,
Do you love fruits? I adore every one of them without exception. Where I’m now, the seasonal fruits are so many and so tasty! I just love them – watermelon, peaches, berries, melons, grape and you can find almost everywhere tropical fruits like – mango, bananas, coconut and many others! There’s one absolutely delicious breakfast that I LOVE and consist of many fruits. You can prepare it with all type of fruits, not only with those I used in the recipe bellow.
Today I’m sharing with you this favorite of mine breakfast recipe – healthy, delicious, very easy to prepare, can be done the night before – Bircher Muesli. ♥
You will love it, if you haven’t already! Ok, let’s do it:
For the Muesli:
• 1 cup rolled oats
• 1 yogurt (400 ml)
• a handfull of seeds ( chia, sunflowerseeds or other)
• dried red berries
• walnuts
• 1 tbs honey
• vanilla extract
• cinnamon
Seasonal Fruits:
You should definitely use seasonal fruits when you prepare the bircher muesli! The muesli goes very well with all kind of fruits. In the original recipe it’s made with apples, but you can mix different types to prepare something like fruit salad.
• banana
• watermelon
• grape
• mango
• peach
Optional Toppings:

• coconut chips
• lime zest
In a small bowl place the yogurt, add the oats, seeds, dried red berries, walnuts, honey, vanilla and cinnamon and mix well. Add in the zest of lime. Leave it for a night in the fridge.
On the next morning cut the fruits into pieces and place them in a bowl. Then place the overnight muesli on top of the fruits and top it with some coconut chips and lime zest. Your healthy, easy and very tasty breakfast is ready! Enjoy! ♥


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