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Park Guell (10)
I won’t forget how I dreamed about visiting this wonderful city one day, I was dreaming to see the world famous Gaudi’s architecture of the ages, the amazing Park Güell, the beautiful beach under the Iberian sun, to taste the Catalan food and so much more…
Sagrada Familia (3)
And so one day the dream came true.
It was me and my boyfriend just landed at the airport. It was very easy to find the bus shuttle right in front of the airport and to get to the heart of the city in comfortable and cheap way.
Barcelona-beautiful (1)Barcelona-beautiful (2)
We made the best choice by deciding to stay at Ella Hostel . This is a lovely hostel with awesome location in Girona, 5 minutes walk to the Metro station and 10 minutes walk to one of the largest square in central Barcelona “Plaça de Catalunya”. This lovely hostel has very nice modern interior, a lovely big sun terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast every day. Even tough we arrived after 11 p.m. at the night that was no problem and we checked in immediately . Our stay there was really unforgettable, will definitely go back there next time we visit Barcelona, of course all opinions remain my own.
On the next day after we arrived we decided our first stop to be the beautiful Park Güell – Gaudi’s outdoor modernist masterpiece. It was amazing experience, this is a magical place – the architecture, the gardens, the colors everything is stunning and leaves you speechless. One of the things I liked the most is the beautiful view to the city and the sea from the top, it’s really unforgettable. It has to be definitely on your must see list when visiting Barcelona.
Park Guell (6)Park Guell (7)Park Guell (5)Park Guell (8)Park Guell (1)Park Guell (4)
On our must see list was visiting Gaudi’s modernist houses “La Pedrera”(also known as “Casa Milà”) and “Casa Batllo”. I know people often wonder “Is it worth it to see both of them?”, or “Which one is the better one and deserves to invest my time and money to visit it”? I know most of the people are unable to see everything in this huge cosmopolitan capital of Spain, because of the time they have, the money and etc. But my answer to all your wonders is – YOU HAVE TO SEE BOTH OF THEM EVERY HOW. They’re so different and magical, each of the houses has something to show you, some history to tell you, to enchant you and leave you wordless. Just take your time and visit them while in Barcelona – so now they are two more things in your must see list.
“La Pedrera”
La Pedrera - Casa Mila (4)La Pedrera - Casa Mila (2)La Pedrera - Casa Mila (3)La Pedrera - Casa Mila (1)
“Casa Batllo”
Casa Batlo (1)Casa Batlo (5)Casa Batlo (2)Casa Batlo (4)Casa Batlo (7)Casa Batlo (3)Casa Batlo (6)
Next stop was visiting the most famous street in Barcelona – “La Rambla”. This endless boulevards is the window to Catalan culture with it’s cultural centers , theatres and intriguing architecture.
La Rambla.jpg
If you don’t have a lot of time to walk trough the end of the street the one thing you need to do is heading to La Boqueria – a famous market, that’s been a grocery store since forever. Inside you’ll find fresh production like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, flowers, spices, candies and so much more. There’re also many places you can try some local street food or take a cooking class. It’s really so colorful and beautiful. Definitely a must see.
La Bouquiera (1)La Bouqiera (2)
We were lucky to have enough time to make a long walk trough La Rambla – we found the “Font de Canaletes” – a drinking fountain, becoming more and more popular among Barcelona visitors because of the rumors about it. The rumors says that if you drink water from this fountain, you will fall in love with the city and you’ll definitely come back sooner or later. Really, guys I almost cried because it was so hard for us to find it (and I was so dying to come back there one day, even if I still was there ha-ha…) but actually it’s on such easy place to be found – at the beginning of the street on the right side so easy to be seen. And the story was with happy end – we found it, we drank water and now we want to come back 2 years later…They’re so many places on our bucket list, Barcelona will wait a little bit till we get back, but we are hundred percent sure we want to go there again one day. We also visited the Gothic quarter, some art museums, the chocolate museum (of course, I can’t escape from my love for chocolate) and few cathedrals.
Ghotic Quarter La Rambla (1)Ghotic Quarter La Rambla (2)Ghotic Quarter La Rambla (3)Ghotic Quarter La Rambla (4)Ghotic Quarter La Rambla (5)
At the end of the street we found ourselves in front of the huge “Columbus” monument. With it’s 60 meters it left us speechless. Really a must see.
Columbus Monument Barcelona
After that we visited “Museu Marítim de Barcelona” ( The Sea Museum ), certainly one of the most interesting sights. You saw huge beautiful ships, model collections, collection of navigational instruments and collection of Gallions figures. It was really worth it visiting this wonderful place.
The sea museum Barcelona (1)The sea museum Barcelona (2)
Another interesting museum is “Museo d’Historia de Catalunya” ( Museum of the History of Catalonia ). It’s a lovely way to get to know the history and culture of Catalonia. For me this is another must see, because when I travel I love to explore as much as time allows me, to connect with the culture of the place I’m finding myself right now and to fall in love with it as always.  If you’re just like me another one important stop is “Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya” ( The Art Museum of Catalonia ). Really no words about it, you have to go, see and experience by yourself the magic of catalan art. It took me hours to explore it, but it was worth it.
Historical Museum Barcelona (2)Barcelona-beautiful (4)Barcelona-beautiful (3)Historical Museum Barcelona (1)Historical Museum Barcelona (3)
In front of The Art Museum is The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, well known as “Font Màgica”  – Barcelona’s biggest ornamental fountain. It has become one of the most popular attractions in the city and is where the “Piromusical” is held, a true balletic spectacle of water and light. We went one night and fell in love with the magic we saw. Really unforgettable. Usually the spectacle begins at 9 p.m., but it also depends on the season, so you can check the shedule here.
Magical Fountain Barcelona (1)Magical Fountain Barcelona (2)
We visitet “Castell de Montjuïc” – an old military fortress and another wonderful place. Built ont the top of mount Montjuic from there amazing views to the sea port and to the city are revealing just for you. You can sit there and enjoy this peaceful beauty as much time as you want and it’s never enough.
Castell de Montjuïc (1)Castell de Montjuïc (3)
Next stop was Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys ( The Olympic Stadium of Barcelona ). Next to the Stadium is the Olympic swimming complex and between the two, there is an array of poles around the Olympic Spire where you can walk around and enjoy this beautiful place. They’re also some sports facilities you can get involved with and lot’s of tourist agencies will offer this to you, but we didn’t had time for this, so maybe next time.
Olympic Stadium Barcelona (1)Olympic Stadium Barcelona (2)
Another must see spot is Poble Espanyol – a real spanish village with architectural diversity located on Montjuïc Mountain. It’s the best place to get to know the traditional architecture, art and handcrafts and gastronomy in a pleasant setting free of traffic and it’s also a unique place to shop.
Poble Espanyol (2)Poble Espanyol (1)
Next few days we dedicated on long walks exploring so many different adorable places like Torre Agbar (you should definitely see it by night), Arc de Triomf, the Zoo, the Aquarium, La Barceloneta  , Sagrada Familia and of course Museu Picasso. After a small research in Internet we found out that we can visit the museum of Picasso on Sunday at 3 p.m. for free so that was the last thing we did before we left to the airport. You have to be prepared if you decide to get in for free, there’s a really long queue of people wanting the same, so you may be there about 1 hour earlier. We went at 2:30 p.m. and were in about 3:45 p.m. But again – it was worth it, I would do it again… 🙂
So at the end of this post about my beloved Barcelona I will try to summarize the “Definitely Must See List” with things you should not skip out when you’re time is limited and the “Not at all cost must see list” with things that you can see only if you have enough time and money to spend. And all opinions are only my own. So here there are:

Definitely Must See List:

* Sagrada Familia is another one masterpiece of Gaudi’s creations. That one thing that disappointed me is it was under construction at the time we wanted to see it and it really didn’t worth the money to get inside. We saw only a small part of the interior, really great but not enough and the price was really high. If you go there and at the time of your visit the cathedral is still under construction I recommend you not to wait hours to get in and pay a big amount of cash only for 20 minutes walk inside. Anyway I’m speechless about the inside of the cathedral – it is a must see.
Sagrada Familia (1)Sagrada Familia (2)
Not at all cost must see list:

Barcelona (1)Barcelona (2)Barcelona (3)Barcelona (4)
So that’s all from me, I hope this post is really helpful and you can use it to guide you trough thus wonderful cosmopolitan city. Last thing I want to say is – enjoy your time in Barcelona, try the delicious local food, explore the culture, go sightseeing as much as you can, this city has a lot to show. I will definitely go back one day, Barcelona stays forever in my heart. Thank you for reading. You can write your questions in comments bellow, I’ll try to help you by answering them. ♥



  1. annastoykova
    September 12, 2018 / 9:32 am

    I’m happy to hear that! You’re welcome! 🙂 If you need any further suggestions for visiting Barcelona, just let me know! Will be happy to help! 🙂

  2. October 25, 2018 / 7:54 pm

    Love the photos! Really good to see what you thought was worth seeing – I’m heading there in December for the first time! Just to note though, the Sagrada Familia was started around 136 years ago, and is only due to be finished in 2026, so they think. So yeah that construction will be there a good while yet!

    • annastoykova
      October 29, 2018 / 10:05 am

      Hi Katie!

      I’m so happy to hear, that you liked the post and my recommendations! I wish you lots of fun exploring Barcelona! You will love it! I hope to get the chance to see Sagrada Familia in 2026 again! 🙂

      Lots of Love

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