Arrival in Thailand & First Impressions ♥ How To Get To Koh Chang ♥

This is my first ever post for Thailand and I don’t know exactly where to start from. There’s just so much to share with you, so much to tell about this huge country.
First of all let me tell you how the idea of visiting Thailand came. I didn’t know that I’m going to visit Thailand and I never thought it’s going to be so soon.

IMG_2856-7Catching the Sunset in Koh Chang

Me and my bestie Maria are two girls, dreaming of adventure, dreaming to explore, to search inner peace far far away from home. So last summer we were talking about doing a trip together in future, but never new it’s going to be so soon…
Two months later and after endless phone talks sort of “Oh, Mashi I want to escape this everyday life here. I need to travel so bad…” and “Oh, Ani, I totally agree with you, I plan to go far away from here…I’m tired from this job, I’m tired of everything here…” and also

“Oh, we need to go together somewhere without our boyfriends…”

IMG_3387-1Me and my Bestie Maria excited as always

And that was it! We both needed to do the same! And this is how the idea got clear. We started to search for tickets and guess what! Few days later we already had 2 tickets to Bangkok and no idea where we’re going and what we’re going to do and see there. Ok, ok, we had enough time to prepare ourselves and to do the proper research – about 2 months. And we did! We did all of this.
So the time went so-o-o fast of course and the day of our departure arrived.

It was like yesterday when we were lying on the beach and shoot the idea in the air of going somewhere everywhere someday together…

IMG_5462-3A view from the airplane with nice sunset

So the day has come. We landed in Bangkok late at night and didn’t had much time to explore it, because on the next day we were going to visit a beautiful island called Koh Chang. So we had a quick but very delicious thai dinner and then went to beds. In Bangkok we stayed at Glur Bangkok Hostel & Coffee Bar a pretty cool Hostel in the center of the city. We had to catch a van early on the next day to Trat and from Trat we planed to take a ferry to our first stop Koh Chang island.  So here’s how we did all of that.
Our hostel was near the Metro Station. That was very good for us, because we woke up at 5:30 a.m. and we took the Metro to the Ekamai Bus Station and from there we took the van to Trat at 7:30 a.m. Here you can check the graphic of the T.T.T. Company that we used to get to Trat and it took about 4,5 – 5 hours. They also offer a transfer from the stop in Trat to the ferry, also a ferry ticket. All of this (the transportation from Bangkok to Trat + transfer to the ferry + ferry ticket) was for a really good price like 14-15 USD.
I want to note you that we didn’t buy the tickets online and I know some of you will think that is very risky, but actually when we arrived at Ekamai we found the company pay desk very easy it was written with big letters “T.T.T.” and actually the tickets with all the transportation and transfers were cheaper for us. I think the difference will be about 5-6 USD, but anyway why should you pay more when you can pay the real amount at the place? There where enough seats for everyone, I think that the van wasn’t full actually. So my advice to you for most of the cases with reservations and bookings for anything in Thailand will be:

Don’t book online. Buy tickets for transportation, pay entrance fees and pay for hotel rooms when you find yourself already at the places in Thailand. It’s much cheaper that way!

We had a lo-o-o-ong day, but finally arrived in Koh Chang around 2 p.m. And when we got off the ferry there were pretty much taxis waiting for tourists. So we took a taxi to our place. We booked a room from airbnb for a very good price and we had our own villa near one of the beaches in Koh Chang – Pearl Beach.

IMG_2793-4Enjoying life in Koh Chang

We stayed in Koh Chang for 3 nights and we really enjoyed our time there. We explored different beaches every day and in afternoon we watched the sunset from a different place everyday. One of the best sunsets in Thailand I’ve ever seen was at Pearl Beach.

IMG_2840-5Watching my first sunset in Koh Chang at Pearl Beach

And one of my favorite beaches there is White Sand Beach and I totally recommend you to visit it. Another beatiful beach we explored was Chai chet beach. It was not crowded at all, the water was clear and they’re many palm trees to keep you safe from the sun if your skin is too white 😉 like mine.

IMG_2883-12Drinking Fresh Coconut on a Tree at Chai Chet Beach

We had a really time in Koh Chang. We needed a vacation and lying on the beach so we took this time with my friend Maria and had an awesome 2-3 days rest.
From the first day I felt in love with the thai food. Unfortunately my friend had a bad experience and she couldn’t eat anything thai for the first 3-4 days. Her stomach just didn’t want to take all this great for me food. I was lucky enough to not have those problems so I enjoyed the food from day one. My favorites are Pad Thai, Khao Phat, Phat si-io and all of these are noodles or fried rice with vegetables and seafood. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat other meat than fish and seafood. On the islands the seafood was always fresh and so-o-o delicious. From the desserts my favorite one was Mango Sticky Rice. And of course the Organic Coconut Ice Cream. Those are my recommendations for Thai Food.

IMG_5592-32Enjoying Thai Food – Fried Rice Seafood with Pineapple 

They’re plenty of Waterfalls in Koh Chang. On our last day we explored one of them, called Klong Plu. It’s the most touristic and most visited one and it is pretty crowded. But we went there around 4 p.m. so they were not so many people at this time and we were able to take some good shots. You have to be warned that the place closes at 5 p.m. for visitors and if you want to spend more time and swim in the waterfall you have to go earlier to have time for all this.  It’s a great place to cool off and pretty easy to reach from any of the west coast beaches.  It’s managed by the National Park so you have to pay an entrance fee to go in.  Then you have about 20 minutes walk to the waterfall itself.  This is along a well maintained 600 meter trail, complete with concrete steps and guide ropes in certain places. So it’s very safe and easy to reach. I totally recommend to visit this waterfall if you don’t have enough time to visit all of the waterfalls in the island and you have to pick only one.

IMG_2946-21In Search of Peace and enjoying Mother Nature Creations at Klong Plu Waterfall

So that was pretty much everything from our short stay in Koh Chang. We decided to spend more time on the next island called Koh Mak which is located to the south of our first stop.
Check my post about Koh Mak here, where you will find out how you can get there and what you can do and see there.


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